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I am a mama

to a bubbly and very busy toddler and a middle aged - but forever puppy - fur child. Currently learning how to embrace life in the burbs after spending the first 2 years of my daughter’s life living in the South End of Boston. Focusing on embracing the chaos and finding joy in this adventurous journey called motherhood.

I am a Storyteller

who is crazy about documenting life. A believer in taking time to pause and find something to be grateful for each day -- yes even the bad ones!

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I am a wife

who met my husband thumb dancing on the dance floor at our law school prom. I "retired" from my career as a criminal defense attorney in 2011 to focus on building our life and my documentary photography business in Boston.


I am Kiera

and I am doing this thing called life the best damn way I can. It means balancing my dreams of being present with my baby as she grows with my desires to document life and help others do the same for theirs. Please join me in this wild ride by following me on Instagram and reaching out if you want to create some magic together!


currently working on...

// Creating beautiful lifestyle content with small to medium sized businesses and startups to showcase their brand in an approachable and fun way. 

// Custom commissions with people who are equally obsessed with documenting their lives. 

// The Frame of Life Project - an online community resource for taking pause and finding gratitude in every day moments.